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Forums within Buddypress or Not on Multisite

  • noteasypeasy


    Ok, I’m a little confused here – my first buddypress and multisite set up

    I need the social networking aspect of buddypress
    I want an extensive forum within the multisite accessed by all users across the network

    what i want is
    Main site 1 – with main content, and buddypress social network aspect
    blog site 2
    blog site 3
    blog site 4
    blog site 5 ………….. 10 etc

    on all sites I’d like a menu tab in the navigation menu that goes to a forum, which people log into as part of their network wide subscription, so all users from all sites can interact on the forums

    I have tried tinkering with the forums which come as part of the buddypress install – but they don’t seem to play too well within the theme of my whole site, look very basic, and confuse me with the buddypress.

    so, what set up is best? – make the buddypress forums work somehow – am i missing something? can I get them to run in a seperate skin/theme
    load a seperate bbpress install in a sub-site
    use something like mingle plugin in a sub site

    I’m sure this isn’t the best answer, but an option – use a bridge to a phpbb install ….
    I’ve been using/moderating phpbb forums for a while, but I’d really have an integrated package within buddypress or wordpress

    any help appreciated, I’ve tried searching all over the net, and not managed to find a clarity



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