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Founded problems with BP 1.1-pre

  • nandopax


    I recenlty updated a existing bp RC1 installation to the lastest trunk1.1-pre, with wp-mu 2.8.4a at

    Process: I have deleted all old files of buddypress and upload again following the new instructions

    Founded bugs.

    – When I activated the plugin I get a error but the site is working fine

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bp_activity_install() (previously declared in /home/produlzc/public_html/ in /home/produlzc/public_html/ on line 52

    – In the registration the password verification don`t work

    – The “signup_extra_fields” desapear of the registration page. I use a spam verification like in this website (, and it don’t show anymore. If someone can help me solve this problem will be great!

    – When I deleted one option of a radio button field, all field was deleted.

    That’s it.

    Thank you Andy and all team for the good job. Keep doing!


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  • nandopax


    One problem more with the forum:

    My original bbPress installation was in the forums folder (, the same of the slug used by buddypress.

    Fix to make the bbPress run:

    1) Before to configure it in buddypress, enter in bbPress admin and change the url to (

    2) After, enter in your FTP and change the directory name “forums” to “forum”

    3) Configure buddypress in “Forums setup” and will work.

    4) If you want delete the old bbPress instalation you can do that, you WILL NEED leave only the “bb-config.php” file in the “forum” folder




    The Profile fields lost the original ID order.



    You should post these on as it’s hard for Andy to follow everything posted here. You can login with the same ID. There seems more bugs than current reported, so I’m adding additional bugs to make sure 1.1 release works fine.

    What socialpreneur said. Discussing bugs on the forum is good if you need to investigate them or ask someone else to confirm them for you, otherwise make a ticket on the bug tracker.



    Tickects created #999 #1000 #1001.

    I’m glad to help

    Aww, *you* got ticket 1000! Congratulations! :)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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