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Foundet bugs, a litte list (i hope :p)

  • madloki



    some users are testing with me, we found this bugs:

    1) Group bugs privat and invisible

    2) Email group invites: with two slashes

    3) sitewide activity not listen in the rss feed, intentional?

    4) Pinwand send without type anything sends the base text (“Write anything blabla”)

    5) Drop down in the pm site has no effect

    6) Reply on own message in the pm box

    We continue to test :)



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  • madloki


    1): done with 1.1.1.

    5): Think its done


    7) Create new group works, but when the user add at step 4 an avatar bp brings this message on an blank page:


    Bist du sicher, dass du das tun möchtest?

    Bitte nochmal versuchen.

    Browser back > click on “next step” > same error.

    Browser back > click on “previous step” >bp site loads but without content at step 2

    The group is created with the avatar! Wrong link in the “step” buttons?

    Test on firefox > no problem! Think its only on ie!

    8) Create group headlines without translation

    9) Admin doesnt see invisible groups from other users. Not good, there is no control!

    If you think you have found bugs, please list then on the BuddyPress bug tracker. Link back here for discussion, but most people aren’t going to trawl through the forums looking for bugs to report.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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