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friend finder question

  • jalien


    First, thanks for changing the members page structure. A lot more wpmu admin plugins work with Buddypress now – for example “Default Categories for New Blogs” seems to work now. It is also much easier to create new users (don’t have to make 2 blogs per user) and it’s easier to use the “More Privacy Options” plugin. NextGen Gallery can now be automatically turned on using “Plugin Commander” for all blogs without worrying about having a gallery in the user profile. In short it feels much more like a regular wpmu install for the blogs with all the benefits of buddypress.

    My question is with friend finder. When I do a search for a newly created blog user, the user doesn’t show up in the friend finder. If I go to their profile, I can invite them as a friend. Is this because the new blog has not created their profile yet or am I missing something else.

    Again thanks for the great work.

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  • Until they enter some profile information (at the very least a first or last name) they will not show up in search results right now.

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