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Friend Groupings

  • vee_bee


    Something that online social networks really dont achieve is to duplicate the way our online social/friend networks work.

    In our lives we have numerous networks/groups, our family, our work friends, our sports club friends, our school friends – and the list could go on. Even those groups could easily have sub groups. In our online world, probably due to the complexity of it all, we tend to just group everyone together.
    Information you may only share with a select group in your offline world, tends to get blasted to everyone in your online world.

    There was a small discussion I could find from 12 months ago on this site about changing the way friending works, but nothing I could find since.

    If Buddypress had a clean and efficient way of grouping friends (as well as privacy – which is not far away I am sure), it could trump all the other social network solutions out there.

    Each friend could then belong to a friend group(s). This could extend on the current group system already in Buddypress.
    When sending an update, a selection of checkboxes would allow which friends group you are sending it to.

    Any ideas or thoughts??


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