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Friend Requests Don’t Work?

  • oceandoctor


    I’m working with a fresh install of the beta (BlueHost). I’ve added several users to my setup, but whenever a user clicks on “Add as Friend,” they are taken to their own profile page and nothing happens. The requestee never receives notification, etc. (The group membership function, including notification emails, works beautifully, however.)

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  • Burt Adsit


    I’m not sure what rev bp you are running but in r809 anyplace you see one of the ‘add friend’ buttons for a member it goes nowhere. That’s a good nowhere though. Clicking the ‘add friend’ button makes an ajax call to the server with out moving from the page. You get some pretty flashing lights and the button transforms to ‘friendship requested’.

    I’m having the same problem. I noticed that I’m throwing an error (have to load the firefox error console to see the error) related to jquery on the member page and also when I try to “add as friend”

    This is the error I’m getting when loading members page OR trying to add a friend:

    Error: jQuery(“div#members-list-options a”).livequery is not a function

    Source File:

    Line: 3

    Hoping this gets us closer to a resolution …



    I saw this problem before. It wasn’t a bp issue, it was an issue with a purchased theme from it was using an older version of jquery and not properly using wp_enque_script. Look at your outputted HTML and check what version of jquery is being used. I believe this function is in a newer version of jquery. Your problem may be your theme or other plugin referencing an older version

    I’m using the BP home theme (same as used on and it is pulling jquery ver=1.2.6. I’m thinking it is something that got changed in the last code release?

    Burt Adsit


    That ver=2.6.5 number you see is the ver of mu you are running. I remember having some similar problem and similar solution that danf mentions. I had to disable the plugin’s loading of jquery all together. It was referencing an older one. Both worked fine with bp’s loading of the newer jquery.

    Things that rely on javascript libs don’t always play nice with each other. They all assume that they are the only code in town. How self-centered of them.

    Nice call danf.

    These weird ajax and js problems might just be that there thing. :)

    excellent work danf & burtadsit! And thank you burtadsit for backing up danf … so much to learn so little time. That’s what makes forums incredibly helpful.

    So the conflict was with the wordpress google calendar plug-in that was loading an older jquery file. I removed that reference and all is working beautifully.

    Thank you all for your guidance!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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