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Friends and PM button disappeard

  • dhaine



    WP 3.8
    BP 1.9.2
    Friends and private message buttons disappeard.
    It was working fine with 1.7
    I know it’s an issue related to my custom theme, the buttons are fine with default themes.
    Any idea what I can do ?
    I think it’s related to this buddypress bug :
    I have some buddypress calls in my header, which makes the rest of the calls not working.
    I’m not a dev but I know how to edit files.
    I tried to edit the files from the changhes in the patch that it didn’t work out, maybe it was me who did not do it correctly
    My custom theme developer is looking into it but it’s a pro team and they are very busy, if I can do it myself maybe it would be nice 🙂 Any suggestions ? Should I try again to do the edit from patch2 ?

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