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Friendship List not accurate

  • nabeelpommy


    Hello dear! I really appreciate your to develop such a nice plugin.
    Its really great. I installed your plugin and its working fine but
    I am facing a problem. In friends list its not showing accurate
    friends, suppose its show you have 3 friends but when you click
    friends link its show 2 friends and suppose user has 8 friends, its
    shows 6 friends. would you please tell me why this happening.

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  • Venutius


    Hi there,

    You are going to have to troubleshoot this issue as it’s specific to your site and not something that’s a more general problem.

    The first thing t do is to deactivate all plugins apart from BuddyPress and see if the friends lists are correct. If not then try a default theme such as 2016 to see if that corrects it.

    It’s also worth turning on error logging in wp-config.php

    Once you have enabled debugging, any errors will be logged to your debug log, you can get error log viewer plugins to make viewing it easier. Try viewing the friends list and then reviewing the log to see if any errors are being generated.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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