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Friendship requests not showing on Understrap customized theme

  • varkoff


    Project Details :
    – WordPress version : 5.5.3
    – BuddyPress version : 6.3.0
    – Website Link :
    – Other plugins I use : Advanced Custom Fields PRO, Advanced Custom Fields: JSON, bbPress, bbPress – Moderation Tools, BuddyForm Premium, BuddyForm Advanced Custom Fields, BuddyForm Hook Fields, BuddoForm Members Premium, BuddyPress Username Changer, Custom Post Type UI, LoginPress, Paid Memberships Pro, Progress Map, List & Filter, User Role Editor …

    I have been updating a WordPress website that was made by others, I might lack some information.

    BuddyPress works like a charm except for a few features :

    – From the user profile, we can send friendship requests. As a new user, I sent a friendship request to my admin account. I did receive the notification on my admin profile, but the Friends tab says there is no friend requests pending. It just doesn’t display theme on my customized Understrap theme.

    – Switching to WordPress Twenty Twenty One theme does solve the issues. Switching to Understrap parent theme does switch the issue. There seems to be a problem with my custom theme.

    Under this custom there, there is a /buddypress/ directory with template pages and loops. The buddypress/members/single/friends/requests-loop.php file was not modified, it’s the default one. That’s where I checked first.

    I also checked in the plugin files directly, under plugins/buddypress/bp-friends/bp-friends-functions.php but did not find a clue.

    After some research, I found out that only users that have an active ‘ Paid Memberships Pro ‘ subscription can send friend requests, or atleast their friend requests appear.

    I also installed the ” BuddyPress Integration ” plugin from Paid Memberships Pro website, in which there is an option to allow non-registered users to send friend requests, but it did not solve the issue.

    Please if you need more details or even an access, do not mind asking.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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