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Frisco Child Theme

  • David Carson


    I just started creating a new a child theme called “Frisco”.

    The goal is to release it around the same time BuddyPress 1.3 comes out, if possible, so that BuddyPress users have a solid (and free) option for a theme that looks different than the default theme.

    Aiming for clean and simple. Ideally, it will just be a stylesheet and functions file. And the theme should be as responsive as possible so that it works reasonably well on mobile devices. It would also be great to add support for the more popular plugins, too.

    No demo site yet. But here are a few screenshots from my local setup.

    If you are interested in contributing or trying it out, please download it from GitHub and report issues. I’ve only put a few hours into it so there’s lots to do. I hope to update it a lot more in the coming days and weeks.

    Note: This theme is not even close to being ready to use on a live site. It has been tested locally only using the BuddyPress trunk (1.3-bleeding) as of today (July 17th, 2011). Download the theme only if you are going to install it on a development/local install of BuddyPress. Don’t expect anything to work normally after you activate this theme.

    If you would like to get notified when the theme is further along or the demo site is available, please head over to the theme site and drop your email in the box.

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Viewing 2 replies - 51 through 52 (of 52 total)
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