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Front page (home) for each group

  • myshanai


    Hi everyone!
    I am using BuddyPress Version 6.1.0 and set to Nouveau template.
    When I go to a group’s Home, then Customize > BuddyPress Nouveau > Group front page; and then enable custom front pages for groups and enable widget region for group homepages.
    Then go on to add widgets, for example add image or video. It will applies to all groups.

    How to make sure it applies to the selected group only?

    Is there a way to make home button goes to the group’s individual front page instead of a common front page for all groups?

    In other words, to make it a group’s home, and not the groups’ home.

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  • VibeThemes


    Use a group specific function. You are most likely using a non-group widget like static HTML which will get applied to all groups.

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