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Frozen movie review-Unforgettable sisterly bond between Elsa and Anna

  • Aliza waleed


    Frozen movie review
    All over the world, Frozen received positive reception which led to its commercial success and many people wrote Frozen movie review. Despite being an animated film targeting certain niche, the movie became everyone’s favorite and turned out to be the highest grossing film of year 2013. It not only gained $1.28 billion in revenue, but also sustained the position of highest grossing animated movie of all times for seven yeas until the release of The Lion King’s remake.

    Here, is my unbiased Frozen movie review:

    Breathtaking special effects
    I grew up on Disney movies, but the special effects used in “let it go” song are unmatchable. I must say Frozen movie has outdone a lot of previously made special effects master pieces in so many scenes.

    Perfect comic timing
    There are many reasons to watch Frozen movie again and again like the perfectly timed comic dialogues of Olaf, Anna’s fun banters, Elsa’s portrayal of emotions, but the most engaging part was the chemistry shown between the sisters Anna and Elsa. I believe, in this era where sibling rivalries are increasing day by day and parents are finding it hard to strengthen the bond between the siblings, such movie scripts are integral to leave a positive impact. It may sound harsh to some parents reading Frozen movie review but its true that kids learn from their animated movies and cartoons way more than what we teach them verbally.

    Amazing depiction of sisterhood
    Not only the movie begins with showing the bond between Elsa and Anna and how Elsa felt guilty after mistakenly hit Anna with her magic but the whole plot revolves around how Elsa kept herself away from Anan due to the fear of hurting her. What I liked the most is that the movie valued the love between the sisters more than the love between Anna and Hans. When I watched the film for the first time, I was expecting an ending similar to Snow white where a prince charming’s kiss brought Snow white back to life. Though I love Snow white too, but deep down I was wishing for something new and Frozen did not disappoint. I really appreciate how the main plot focused on the sibling bonding by showing how Elsa’s affection and compassion brings Anna out of the curse that froze her body.
    Despite all of the struggle both sisters faced, at the end Elsa remains the graceful and wise one and Anna remains the joyful fun fellow lively enough to put a smile on everyone’s face. A key lesson i would like to share while finishing teh Frozen movie review is how every sibling bond goes through good and bad times over their life but how one must not take this bond for granted. And yes, how can we forget Olaf’s personal cloud to keep him clod even during the summers that took the whole attention away from Anan and Elsa and gave viewers a loud laugh. I must say Olaf took the limelight at the end but overall, it was a great ending with a beautiful message of friendship and sisterly bond for life.

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