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  • hiresphereadmin


    Ok, I love WordPress and I love Buddypress and I think this open source software is awesome, but there are things I just don’t understand! I don’t understand why not only are there frequent “updates,” but it seems things break all over the place when you do update…..and of course things break if you don’t….so damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario….I understand there are “hackers” hacking our sites….and I don’t get them either….but I do my banking online everyday and my bank doesn’t do constant updates for “security”…..I don’t think even the government does so many updates for “security”……so I just don’t understand

    Then there’s the “stuff works….sometimes” problem. I tested registration earlier and all was perfect….within 2 hours, no more perfect…… code changes, no .htaccess changes, no changes at all…..just comes and goes like the waves of the sea……

    Then there’s the plugins….hit or miss, dependent on what version of of the plugin you’re using, WordPress version you’re using, Buddypress version you’re using, theme you’re using and of course, your theme’s version…..goodness gracious…..then, you finally get a great plugin that you love, only to have to deactivate/delete it upon a WordPress uprade, Buddypress upgrade, theme upgrade, or some other upgrade for something, somewhere…….

    I have experienced plugins no longer supported, themes no longer supported, older theme versions no longer supported, older versions of wordpress no longer supported, older versions of buddypress no longer supported…….

    lol…..I’m sorry, but I’ve been reading these forums for quite some time and there seems to be so many of us in the same boat…….I messed up when I decided to further my education….should have just become a programmer……..

    Is it a funding issue? Maybe I can put a “donate” button on my site to try to raise some funds for WordPress, Buddypress, plugin development, theme development, ect………

    I’m just frustrated and confused!!!!

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  • John James Jacoby


    You’re right. There is a lot constantly going on, and it’s dizzying to keep up with it all. We try really hard on our end to balance updates with backwards compatibility, to make sure things run as smoothly as possible while also fixing bugs and problems.

    Some of what you’re talking about is that, where fixing bugs leads to other bugs. Some of it comes from us doing something incorrectly for a very long time, setting a bad example, and when WordPress calls us out and deprecates something, it breaks things down the line later.

    I think the bigger take-away is that running your own social network isn’t as easy as it should be. We can do a better job at making it simpler, and also at setting the expectation that there’s a huge leap from having 1 blog to having hundreds or thousands of users. Social networks like Flickr or Twitter have dedicated staff to keep things running smoothly, and trying to do that as one non-developer is currently pretty intimidating, and maybe not always a good idea.

    I don’t think it’s a funding issue, I think it’s an education issue down the tree from WordPress core to BuddyPress core to third party plugin authors. Also, we try really hard to do tandem releases with WordPress core, but not all plugin authors have the ability to stay on top of their projects like we do.

    The BuddyPress core team is making changes for the better to improve the experience you’re talking about, but they are still baby steps so we don’t perpetuate the issue further.



    Hi John,

    Thanks for responding!!!! And thanks for validating my feelings…..makes me feel better to know these things are real and not just my imagination and that they are being addressed. I’m feeling like this because I am anxious to actually bring my site “live” for beta testing before I release it to the masses and every time I think I have it worked out and I’m ready to go live…..bang! Shot down like a toothless guy hitting on the hot blonde sitting at the end of the bar! LOL…….I’ll keep plugging away and I hope to release my site soon…….

    Thanks again John!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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