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Function conflicts with bbPress upgrade?

  • Boone Gorges


    I’m upgrading my test site from BP 1.0.3 and a separate installation of bbPress to BP 1.1.2 and running into troubles. When I first tried to install bbPress through the Forum Setup panel of the admin screen (as a new installation, since my old installation of bbPress stored info in a separate database and I was going to move it manually to the default location in the wp database), the wizard said that the installation was successful. But no wp_bb_ tables were created in the database, and whenever I went to a page that called the forums I either got a WSOD or a 404.

    I traced the problem a bit and found that there are some functions in bp-forums/bbpress/bb-includes/ that are causing problems. If I remove this handful of functions (starting with login_form and ending with bb_get_title), forum pages throughout BP begin to work. I’m not sure what’s happening here – is it possible that there are function name conflicts? I still have the old version of bbPress running on the server, but there is no deep integration so I’m not sure how it could be causing conflicts (though it might be).

    Any ideas would be very helpful as I troubleshoot.

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  • John James Jacoby


    Silly questions…

    • Are you 100% there’s no deep integration? :)
    • Maybe put some echo’s in the original bbPress files and see how and when they’re getting included?
    • Is there a widget or plugin that’s preloading bbPress before BuddyPress?
    • Do you have the old integration plugins disabled?
    • Can you confirm in wp_sitemeta that “bb-config-location” is pointing to the new bb-config.php and not the old one?

    Just a few things to look at and consider…

    Boone Gorges


    Thanks a million for the suggestions, JJJ. They set me on the right track to find a solution.

    Turns out it was my own damn fault :) I was porting over an older BP theme to the new framework, which involved some cutting and pasting of old lines in header.php to the new theme. I was trying to be careful to make sure that I didn’t bring over anything that was redundant or incompatible, but it turns out that I left in some references to options.php, which has been replaced by optionsbar.php. So I fixed that, and then wiped out a bunch of plugins that may or may not have been causing conflicts, and now everything is totally copacetic.

    Still don’t know exactly what the problem was – I don’t really see off the top of my head how the presence or absence of optionsbar.php would cause problems with bbPress – but in any case it’s now working. Thanks again for your help John.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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