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Furniture pipe

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    Furniture pipe, which is also known as light pipe or oil pipe, is a pipe produced from oil sheet (cold rolled sheet) and according to DIN 2394(1) 94 and EN 10 219-2 standards.

    Furniture pipe is one of the most widely used products in the pipe and profile market, which, due to its excellent formability, is widely used in the automotive industry, furniture and chairs, exhaust, canopies and containers, bicycle manufacturing, household appliances, etc.
    The following are the most important features of the sofa tube:

    1- Optimum dimensional accuracy in diameter and thickness
    2- Weldability
    3- Excellent formability in bending and stretching processes
    4- Desirable surface quality
    5- Plating ability
    6- cold stretching ability

    Normally, the price of light pipe is declared per weight unit (for example, 36,200 Tomans per kilo or 36,200,000 Tomans per ton), which depends on factors such as the global price of cold rolled sheet, currency price, customs tariff, The cost of energy is for factories and…

    Although the price of light pipe (sofa pipe) per unit weight is slightly higher than heavy pipe (thickness 2 of black sheet). But due to their lower thickness and weight, their cost per unit length is lower than other pipes. Therefore, in many industries where lower pipe thicknesses are required, light pipe or furniture is used.

    Saba Industrial Group is proud that, in addition to producing and supplying furniture or light pipes in raw form, it also provides pipe cutting and pipe stretching services at the best price and using the most up-to-date devices in the world. The pipe and profile cutting workshop of Saba Industrial Group, with 7 PLC pipe and profile cutting lines, is able to deliver up to 50,000 cut pieces to our valued customers daily.

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