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Gameserfs – The Gamers Social Network

  • gameserfs


    Hi all,

    Thanks to BuddyPress and WordPress MU, we have been able to go develop the Social Network for Gamers –

    Whether you play the xbox, playstation, wii… whatever your platform, whatever your gaming experience, Gameserfs is made by gamers for gamers.

    Feel free to join up. We would like to showcase this to the BuddyPress community before we start to promote the site, as a way of thanks.

    If you are a gamer and would like to contribute to Gameserfs then sign up. Any thoughts/feedback welcome!


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  • bpinspire


    Really nice work! Nice use of the Magazine theme from WPMU.



    I like how you did the site wide activity. This is a stupid question, but how did you get it to just use the title and user without the date and other info? Yours looks so much cleaner than mine. Did you modify the site wide activity widget or are you using a different one?



    Thanks bpinspire and Symm2112, appreciate the feedback.

    Symm welcome to the site. :)

    The sitewide activity was tweaked within the home-sidebar, as if I recall it was hard coded and we wanted more control over our sidebars etc. So, quite simply we deleted the hard coded site wide activity within the php and just used the widget within the back end. (Pretty sure that was it…)



    I’m using the magazine template too and I didn’t touch anything with the activity stream and it looks the same, so must be built into the template itself.

    Like what you did with the template too. Mine’s here, more spare:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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