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GDPR -> “visible/unvisible” Button in Learning Community with BuddyPress

  • Arnegger


    Hey, we have a membership site as a Learning Plattform (with LearnDash integrated).

    Since the whole GDPR thing, users expect us to give them a choice weather or not they want only to access the course and being invisible to other users, OR if they want to be also part of the BuddyPress Group being visible to other users.

    So the question comes up, how we can realize this. I guess what we are looking for is maybe some kind of “visible/unvisible” Button where they can choose if they want to be seen at BuddyPress or not … or maybe which gives/denies access to BuddyPress… .

    Any solution that will come close to this would be promising and I would love to take a look at this. What we are mainly looking for is a solution the user can decide by pushing a button which will change if he:
    – has access to all BuddyPress content
    – will be listed in the /members directory or not

    For any idea how this could be done – or if there are maybe already solutions or plugins that do this, I would be very thankful.

    Keep up the awesome work with BuddyPress.. and thx a lot! 😉


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