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general doubts and questions

  • septimo


    Hi, I’m new to the Buddypress community. I want to install this tool on my website to have a forum, but I have my doubts since I have used many, please answer the following questions;

    1) Can I customize Buddypress? that is, do resources exist in the community to be able to personalize or have a theme or different themes? Where is that?

    2) Anonymous users can post?

    3) When someone makes an apublication, can you add it in the categories of my web page?

    4) Can members upload files or images?

    beforehand thank you all for your response.

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  • Venutius


    If you just want a forum, you should be looking at bbPress. BuddyPress does not come with a forum, it uses bbPress to add forums to groups but adding BP on it’s own won’t give you forums.



    I’m watching videos and forum tutorials and they tell me that Buddypress is a forum plugin … inculso in a page appears as one of the best forum plugin .. if the plugin does not achieve this I want to know;

    with this plugin or is there any other way for them to register on my website outside of the wordpress pre-filled login panel?

    Can I create another page or route?



    BP essentally uses the same login as WordPress, there’s a lot of ways of customising it though, depending on your knowledge. There’s various custom login plugins, including Theme My Login, which allows you to change a lot of the login functionality.

    BuddyPress provides the following
    Extended User Profiles

    Forums can be added to groups if you install bbPress.

    For standalone forums you only need bbPress

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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