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Geo Tag Buddypress Maps & Simple Profile Tabs

  • First and foremost thanks buddypress for everything…we appreciate your continued support in making buddypress and reliable engine. I would like to add two request that I see others in the community post comments on. I would like to see adding profile tabs easier and without using code. It would be great if you can add them on the backend for the bp setting and name them…this way when our themes get updated everything stays the same. My second request is a geo tag plugin map for buddypress. Developers are not touching this and people are requesting and I told them bring it up to the bp staff but all the great map apps at the moment belong to wordpress…I told devolopers I would pay and I think it should be a premium plugin but there is no map that allow users to independently create map itineraries or some kind of geo-tag. Thanks again for your commitment!!!

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