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Get avatar from site on same network

  • Skeary


    I have a multisite installation where the main site () has buddypress and all the profiles, avatars etc.

    On one of the subsites (, which is set up in a wordpress multisite network, I need to be able to get the buddypress user info from the main site, but buddypress is not installed. I’m able to write custom queries to pull back what I need from the profiles, but the avatar is more complicated. I will be able to duplicate much of what is in the 300 lines long bp_core_fetch_avatar() function I supposed, but I’m wondering if there would be a more straightforward solution to this problem.

    Could I even enable buddypress on the subsites but not actually have any links to the pages anywhere just to get the user profile information? I believe it uses the same database over multisite installations.. is that correct?

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