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Get fullname of two fields: firstname and lastname

  • razzgpe


    Hello everyone,

    I write because of an old and known problem.
    I searched much times for a solution in this community or in google, but the answers are often two years old and give me no solution for my problem.

    I want to have for my community-project a registration with firstname and lastname, without the field Fullname.
    So I have an idea, how to solve the problem.

    For a solution, I need two functions:

    fullname id = field_1

    #1 field_1 => is not required & invisible

    #2 field_1 = field_firstname + field_lastname

    But my php-knowledge is not good enough.
    To make it insivible I just have to make this in CSS:

    #field_1 {
    display: none;

    But how to make it not required?
    It could be something like this code skeleton:

    function fullname_not_required {
    define( 'BP_SHOW_FULLNAME', not required);
    function get_first_and_lastname {
    $fullname = field_1;
    if field_1 = empty  {
    $fullname = $field_firstname + $field_lastname

    So what do you think about this?

    Best regards from Germany,

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