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Get the url of the user page you’re on

  • Hi guys – although I’m not new to buddypress, I am new to proper buddypress development

    Getting stuck in at the moment and I’m currently looking for the best way to include in a theme, the url for the user whose page you’re on

    I’ve found the following three potential options:

    but I’m not sure if a) any of them are correct and b) how exactly to implement!

    Thanks for any help in advance


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  • Sam, I’m using `bp_user_link()` in a plugin for displaying the avatar of the user’s page that is being viewed. If you use one of the loggedin conditional tags then clearly that adds a further dependency. In my case I want the user’s avatar and link to be present for both logged-in and anonymous users.

    What outcome are you trying to achieve?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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