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getting a users blog url

  • Andy Bailey


    my plugin needs to get the users url if they are logged on to the site. It works on single wordpress and on multi-site but not on buddypress installed sites.

    In single install wordpress I use $url = $userdata->user_url (in buddypress that returns the users member page)
    if it’s multi-site I use $userbloginfo = get_blogs_of_user ( $userid, 1 ); $url = $userbloginfo [1]->siteurl;

    what can I use for buddypress if it’s installed? I tried $url = bp_core_get_userlink($userid,false,true); but that returns the users member page

    I just need the url to the first blog that the user owns, can you tell me how do I get that?

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  • Round World Travels


    I don’t know but does this mean your trying to get commentluv to work with buddypress? Any luck, can we look forward to this. Thanks

    Round World Travels


    It seems commentluv works for people not signed in but for members that are signed in it shows the rss feed of the blog latest action. Like some are showing activity updates from my website for that person.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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