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Getting Error When Clicking on Profiles

  • Berk


    Hi Everybody,

    My problem is i have boombox them on my website. When i try to click on my profile via website i am getting an error screen and it says we couln’t find the page you are looking for. First i opened a ticket to pxlab about it.They said it is all about BuddyPress and they explained it in that way: in my username there is some special letter which we use in our language (Turkish). I live in Turkey and in our alphabet this letters are really very common like ‘ş’ ‘ı’ ‘ğ’ or ‘ç’ , it means we are going to have this issue a lot with new members too.Becuase also Turkish names have these letters too. For a local website it doesn’t sound good. Any solution for that you can recomend ? You can see the differences below links:şey/ Getting error from this profile which is mine Test user without these letters


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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