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Getting Started with BuddyPress

  • heliocorrei


    Hello guys.

    I need to create a social network on BuddyPress and I have some questions.
    I hope you can help me.

    1 – In BuddyPress do we configure a database when we start in WordPress?
    If so, do I do this directly with the platform where I host my site or with WordPress?

    2 – In BuddyPress can I put that ‘social access’, that is, the person uses a Facebook or Google login that they already have?

    3 – I came to see that we were able to customize the person’s registration on BuddyPress. This information goes straight to the database, right?

    4 – I saw that it is possible to create groups, my question is if there is a possibility of being private groups.

    5 – With the registration information, is it possible to do email marketing and invite others by email and by cell phone?

    Thank you all for your cooperation and I look forward to your responses.

    Helio Correia

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