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Global Content Tagging

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    In the curent setup the user can search for Members/Groups/Forums and Blogs. In order to find specific content It would be great if there would be a way to search for Tags too.

    Therefor a solution is needed to add Tags to all core components (e.g. Tag a Group about Blockbusters with: Movies, Cinema, Film, etc).

    To push that idea even further it would be great if Tags would also work on Activity Items as well.

    I did a small mockup on how an (simple and unstyled) Interface for this purpose may look like:

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    Michael Berra


    This really sounds great!

    I believe – with all your great mockups – that it could make sense to put all of it in a kind of advanced-posting. When clicking on such a button, all the other great possibilities “pop up”

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    That’s what I mentioned here:

    + 1

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    Jeff Sayre


    Burt Adsit, a past forum moderator and talented developer, created a plugin that did exactly what you are suggesting. It is woefully out of date. I believe it only works with BP V 1.0. But, some other talented developer could possibly use Burt’s code, adapting it to the current version of BP.

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    Is there anyone willing and able to do this ?

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    Erlend Sogge Heggen


    +1, really need this! BP Contents seem to cover everything suggested in this thread, if not more.

    I have a feature suggestion, though I’m unsure which platform (WordPress vs BuddyPress) it actually targets. I would like the ability to make certain categories and tags private, i.e. for moderators and above only. I found a plugin called “private tags”

    This plugin however hides content, while all I want to do is to hide the option of adding certain tags. For instance if your website pulls official site news from various sub-blogs by checking for the ‘official’ tag, ordinary users should not be allowed to apply this tag.

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    +1, hope someone updates Burt’s plugin

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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