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Global Notifications Widget keeps showing out of sidebar

  • DarkElement1987


    I recently installed this ‘Buddypress Global Notifications’ (Sidewide notice?) widget and put up a message there that i was doing a backup, everything worked fine, there was a yellow bubble showing up within the sidebar so that was cool.

    After i was finished with the backup i removed the widget. But now for new users the notification still appears (while the widget isn’t even there!)

    I tried putting a new notification there but there isnt even a messagebox anymore, i can only fill in a title for the sidebar, i think something is messed up. (probably something in the cache?)

    I temporary “solved” (well, solving?) this by putting a sidebar widget at the bottom, and the old message (which i can’t even edit) is there.

    I’m using both the newest versions of Buddypress & WordPress and didn’t edit any php.


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  • Users are either meant to ‘close’ the message or the one responsible for issuing it deactivates it while leaving the widget in place – having the widget activate is about the only check that made sense at the time as a means to cancelling out the default message positioning as a overlay across top of site, remove the widget and that default behaviour will restate it’s self.

    However some of what you’re describing sounds as though it may well be theme related?



    Well if i deactivate the widget, the announcement shouldn’t be there. And if i deactivate buddypress from the plugins menu the message is gone so i don’t think it’s theme related.

    Could you tell me in simple english what i can do (Step by step) cause i’m not that good a English speaker.

    If i drag the Widget to the sidebar from the admin panel the only thing i can fill in is a title for the widget. A new message is impossible, so somethings messed up, but when i apply changes the old notification is there again.

    Screenshots of how it is right now:



    As i cannot edit my previous message, i saw this image @ documentation, and mention this at the bottom: “Sidewide Notice shows up in the header area if the widget is not activated”.

    That is just my problem, i want to get rid of the thing COMPLETELY, i CAN drag the widget to the right, only it seems it isn’t activated or something.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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