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Global Search plugin Incompatibility issue

  • johnruthgeorge


    hi Buddy press, thanks for a wonderful service you provide to us all;

    We recently bought SocialPlay theme by Themeforest;
    The theme is a video syncing theme from youtbe/vimeoh, you can upload your own video too..
    We are running the 4.85 WordPress because 4.9 causing SMTP issue activation emails not being received;

    here is our issue
    – We installed the Global Search Plugin by Buddypress;
    – After install our theme and do a search for a register user, called user 1 –> No videos of his will show in the search results, we get a template search page as per snap here:

    – After de-install the Global Search Plugin by buddypress, the search results page shows white blank webpage, so the site is broken;
    –> When trying to remove the plugin from FTP, same occurs;
    —-> When install an other plugin other than Global Search by buddypress, same occurs
    ——->> Subsequently we now enable to do any searches, unless we use the Global Search plugin by Buddypress, but subsequently users can not see the results of videos posted through the template

    The theme support has been very good and we did some customisation with them also, they explained this is a plugin issue and not a theme issue, although both are probably tied together;

    We need help to:
    a. Either help fix the White Page break and resent things to working condition so we can try test by installing other Search PPlugins to show us the video results when type “user 1” or “video 1”;
    b. Or help us show the results we need whilst using the Global Search plugin by Buddypress…as it makes no sense to only show a video when typing its exact title name…if I search for “smiling cats” then I should not see only one video called “smiling cats” I should see any other video with the keywords “smiling” and “cats” showing of course relevant ones first…and if I search for “user 1” then I should see all the videos posted by “user 1″…

    The plugin videos hook is wpnukes_videos


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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