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Google Maps for Groups

  • trcwest


    Hi all,

    My uni degree project is comming on quite well but there is one fatal thing that i really need some help with.

    The main thing of my project is these spots which are places and on buddy press are grouos but renamed.

    What I need to do is integrate google maps so that when people create a group they can a geotag the exact location of the group or in my case a spot. Basically show where the group is on a Google Map

    1) I have a course mate that has made the Google Maps part HERE

    – this simply gets the lat and lng from a marker and puts it into two fields. (these fields are visible on the protype page but can just be hidden.) ALSO note the other fields are just for show…

    – then uppon submit it needs to ad this to the databse and preferably in the groups table.

    – then through xml we will display the map on the group page with only that location (basically just that spot on a gmap)

    2) So what i need help and guidence with is how to patch or HOOK this into the buddypress groups componant.

    – how can i get the JS in the header only for this groups page. I know that it could just sit in the header all the time but i need to be optimum with the sizes as it needs to run on slow connections. This is not a major though.

    – how can i get the div which displays the gmap on the create group page?

    – how can i get the lat and lng saved in the database

    – how can i then display the gmap with the marker on the NON ADMIN side eg just on the main group page

    – would it be posible to also re edit the marker in the admin.


    Nicolas Extra Group Fields plugin.

    Creating a custom componant / plugin thingy

    Editing the core code (not recomended i know)


    That is why I am asking for help here.

    All the google maps side of things is DONE its just a matter of hooking it in and displaying the geo tagged map. I know that make is sound simple but i really don’t have the expertese for this.

    Burtadsit and NicolaGreco and others have said its possible and hopefully if we get it working then others can use it and i think it will help..

    Please do let me know if i need to explain myself a bit better.

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  • John James Jacoby


    Are you familiar with the way WordPress hooks into functions with filters and actions?



    We have another google map topic here, which is to show google maps on profiles. Look at the source, and perhaps you can use it as a base.




    I have no idea how to use funtions or filters. But if you can explain how to do this or a good tutorial.


    I have had a look at this but it doesn’t hook in well with the latest svn as the plugins have moved so the plugin doesn’t work. I have asked about this but sadly ok reply.

    The problem is that I kinda need to be led through things as I am not so good with the technical code



    Any thoughts any one..



    Good News….

    I have been able to hook in the gmap and to get the Lat and the Lng through a marker..

    it is addin the lat and long to the database through nicolagrecos extra groups plugin..

    I just need to figure out to give either a unique ID to the lat and long td p tag.. or just parse through the lat and long so that the gmap can display it on the page..

    So any thoughts on how to do this.. would be ace




    Check out , think about some donations and let Dylan know that u are also interested in a WPMU/Buddypress version of GeoMashup!

    Here he is writing that he managed to get a first basic geoMashup Version working with WPMU/Buddypress:



    i’m just returned in italy,

    i’ll help you soon on that



    GREAT NEWS>>> can now officially geo tag groups or in my case spots..

    it was all possible with nicola grecos extra group fields plugin and a few fairly dodgey but effective hacks..

    WHAT can you do ??

    1) when making a group (spot) you can find it on the gmap and set the exact location

    2) when the group has been saved you can then view the marker on a the map on the goups page

    3) you can then edit the exact location in the admin…


    a few thigns that are not working is..

    for a pop up box with in the gmap i need to have the name and the avata and short description show..

    so i have found these functions..

    This is the scrip that calls the the name of the spot is there a way of putting this in a pop up box on the showmap page

    <h1>"><?php bp_group_name() ?></h1>

    this is the script that calls the spots avatar.

    <?php bp_group_avatar() ?>

    but in order for these to work i am going to need to know which php files need to be included for the functions to exist.

    i am working on making an xml file that calls all the groups and plots them on the map… an thoughts on how to get..

    1) NAme

    2) avatar

    3) description from all the different tables.

    4) lat and long

    a search function would also be cool..

    any way just wanted to see what people thought and some advice on the gettting ong the name for the popup

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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