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Got banned after asking a simple question?

  • fubp


    After that some moderator felt it was necessary to put me on silent ignore. Granted I made a mistake of possibly posting it in the wrong section. A little notice or even a PM would have helped. Contrary to popular belief, not all buddy press forum users are here to annoy the moderators. With no way of knowing that I actually was on a silent ignore, I kept on answering posts and posting questions like an idiot. Do you consider that decent?

    Andy rants about communicating ad helping out in the forums as that would make buddypress a better software and that is somewhat difficult when you run into some egoistic moderator that would put you on some silent ban.

    Honestly not really sure if it was that message or something else I may have done. Would love to actually know for a fact what reason it may have been for someone to do that?

    Thank you and thanks or allowing a Feedback forum in which we can express our thoughts.

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  • intrepidhosts


    From what I see in that original forum topic you were not put on ignore but topic was closed and other users were directed to contact you directly via your email account instead of posting responses.

    Also the forums have a bug that causes a problem when trying to post and you have to log out and log back in. And unless your paying close attention you may think you have posted but infact the page reloads and says you have to be logged in to post. I know when I first tried posting the first 3 times here I thought I had left posts but came back next day and posts were not there. Until I saw the HELP I CANT POST topic


    Please don’t make the assumption that us moderators have done something like this. 2levelsabove still appears to be an open account. Moderators on this forum – with the possible exception of apeatling – can’t actually ban or close user accounts. We can only edit and move posts and lock/sticky threads.

    That thread has been closed which means no-one can reply to it, as per the same as all the other threads of that nature. Is that what you mean by silent ignore?

    If your posts aren’t appearing, try this:



    I was also “banned”/ got a closed account some time ago. I was new. I created a new account and then kept asking questions that were relevant to me. They’re doing a very good job at the moment even if there are times we’re I’d like more answers/help. It’s for free…



    I guess then my assumption was wrong. However I assure you that when I log out from my account, I do not see my own messages (under 2levelsabove)

    Possibly something’s marked you as a “bozo.” No offense intended this is the actual name of the feature! I know it has got one of the other moderators and myself in the past.

    I’ll have a word with him and try to get you sorted



    I’d like to add that some of the moderation answers like:

    “that’s a wpmu question” – are not very helpful either. In the times it takes to write some crap like that, you could post a link to the wpmu thread about the issue.

    I know it’s cool to come off like Andrea does in the wpmu forums with little snips like “search the forums first” – but seriously, if you are gonna take the time to write something snide, at least post a link to help the noobs. You never know when one of the noobs may one day be a great contributor to the various projects.

    Acting like one of the WP overworked originals does not make one a good moderator. I know moderating sucks, it’s a thankless job with no pay, but no-one is forcing anyone to moderate right?

    ( wonders if I’ll be “bozoed” by someone now )

    Jeff Sayre


    As far as being “bozoed” by someone, that someone would be the Akismet algorithm. No person does the bozoing. I have been bozoed twice myself on these forums in the past by Akismet.

    If you think you may have been bozoed, just send a friendly message to a moderator. They will look into it.

    “that’s a wpmu question” – are not very helpful either. In the times it takes to write some crap like that, you could post a link to the wpmu thread about the issue.

    I sometimes do just that. But, there are exceptions.

    If it is a question that has been asked too many times here and a little searching would show that to be the case, I will kindly remind them to search first and then I redirect them to the proper place. If it is a question that will require more time to do the research for them than it does to write the response, I will also kindly redirect them to the proper place.

    And you are correct. None of the moderators get paid. We all volunteer our time and independently decide how best to serve the overall community. Part of the duties of all moderators is to educate new users on how best to get results and on proper forum procedure and etiquette. Pointing people to the proper place to ask questions falls under education.



    Thanks for the extra education Jeff! I had no idea akismet would bozo – I’ll need to check my buddypress and bbpress sites for that to see if anyone has been perhaps – I had no idea.

    Please note that I was not singling anyone out, I was just frustrated by some short answers on posts that I was looking for the same answer as some other noob.

    I have been scouring the forums trying to figure everything mu related out for years, since pre-version1.3 – and still get confused. I also think that technically any BP question is an MU question since you need the MU to run BP – LOL

    Thanks for listening, and perhaps with so much crossover between the two, a little sidebar search that shows MU forums posts when we search the BP forums would enlighten some of us as to answers found elsewhere.

    I am anxious to see if the new bp 1.1.1 has features built in to adapt the signup email that is sent to new users, and redirects them to a more social page rather then the WP dashboard, or maybe that is still an MU setting and I need to fiddle over on that side of this. I wonder if the redirect stuff that was written here a while back is no longer needed to get that function. I am afraid to upgrade my BP site, as I can’t find instructions for moving the origial BP that was setup in “mu-plugins”.

    I totally understand the mod thing, I mod a couple other sites myself, and I try to answer questions I find in WP and MU forums if I know the answer, and post details as much as possible. Thanks for your help, and everyone else that contributes to this project! I couldn’t do 1% of what everyone it doing here!

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