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greener50 is officially Launched!

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    It’s March 2013 and greener50 is officially launched! is a website that connects eco-minded people, businesses and organizations together. is a home for anyone interested in being green, living eco-conscious, or simply wishing to learn what being “green” is all about.

    As an Individual you can search eco-friendly business, Learn from other g50 members, post updates, share what you know, search for jobs, connect with other like minded people, businesses, and non-profits, and so much more…

    As a Business or Non-profit you can connect with greener50’s ever growing community, get featured on the home page, create a listing in the business directory, promote your event, offer special g50 coupons, post job openings, and much more…

    Now we need your help to grow the community. Please take a look around, sign-up, get involved and share! Together we will create the biggest community of eco-minded individuals, businesses, organizations, and non-profits the planet has ever seen.

    The creators of greener50 envision a place where anyone can:
    – FIND green and “eco” friendly businesses in your area
    – LEARN from industry professionals and the greater community about all the great things
    happening in the green, clean tech, and natural product industries.
    – CONNECT with a greater community of people, businesses, and organizations in order
    to help us all move into a new way of living.
    – HELP provide opportunities to get out of the office, do business, and make connections in
    the “real” world.

    We are extremely excited about this, please check it out, sign up, get involved and PLEASE pass along to your friends, family and businesses you think could benefit.

    Together we can build a strong Ecoconomy and help protect & preserve our environment for future generations. This is what a network with a purpose looks like!

    Thanks Everybody!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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