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Group Admin displaying incorrectly

  • Adam_Gilliver



    I’ve been using BuddyPress on the following site:

    I have a problem with group admins, as I currently have to create a group from the user account that I want to be the group admin, as if I try and promote a different user to the group admin, and demote the current one, it does not change on the website.

    I have added a test group here to demonstrate:

    I created the group using Diana’s account, then added a new member to the group and swapped over the group admin to the second member, but it still displays the group admin as the original user that created the group.

    I’m using WordPress version 3.4.2, but don’t want to update it to 3.5.1 at the moment, and I’m using BuddyPress version 1.6.1.

    I’ve had a quick look through the forum and can’t find anything similar to this problem.

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