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Group administrator communication

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    Our site is at . We are using version 6.0.1 version of WordPress and Buddypress 10.2.0. My question is, can a group administrator send a message out to all group members. whether those members have notification settings by email on or not? Say for example an event was being created for group members and the group admin wanted to alert the members of the event by posting to the group and that post is then notified to members. Currently in our member notifications settings we have the following settings that relates to members switching them settings on or off. 1. Email me when a member invites me to join a group, 2 Email me when a group information is updated. 3. Email me when I am promoted to a group administrator or moderator 4. Email me when a member requests to join a private group for which I am an admin . 5. Email me when my request to join a group has been approved or denied… None of these 5 settings cover notification on any group post to a member and we want this. Yet, we also want it that if any post is notified and a member has switched of such notification potential, then an administrator message would over-ride this. Hope that is clear. Look forward to your comments

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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