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Group AVATAR conflicts with JetPack

  • samyliu


    Many questions about issue with updating group Avatar. I discover something and hope this will stop you from starching your head.

    I found that when Jetpack Lazy image is activate, group avatar/photo cannot be shown and cannot crop image at all. Turned off Jetpack Lazy image option, crop image works alright, but upload always error.

    I finally de-activate JetPack to be able to update my group Avatar.

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  • thebyrd99


    @samyliu thank you so much for posting this. I was not able to crop the uploaded Avatar file for my buddy press groups. I would upload a jpg file and it was be the size of a pin head.

    I went in to Jetpack plugin settings and turned off load lazy images and it fixed it for me to be able to upload and crop the image.

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