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Group Cover Image

  • jav1s


    I’m uploading a large png as the cover image for a group and it seems to be reducing the size to 640px x 225px and then displaying it as 1160px x 225px making it blurry.

    I’ve reported this to ThimPress who wrote the theme I’m using, StarKid, and they say the problem is with BuddyPress.

    Since reporting the problem to ThimPress, the problem seems to have changed (not sure how) in that the image is now being displayed is 640px x 225px and it’s being stretched to 1160px x 1051px which is taking up too much space on the page and the image is blurry.

    In addition, if I don’t upload an image I get a 1160px x 1051px blank space.

    On another of my sites which uses a different theme I don’t get the option to upload a group cover image.


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