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Group forum edit topic or reply doesn’t do it

  • Anointed


    I create a topic in my group forum.

    I then go in and click edit.

    Instead of seeing the edit topic box, I get the reply box. So for the hell of it, I fill in new information. Sure enough it shows up as a reply and not an edit.

    I now have a reply, so I click edit on the reply

    Now, it gets worse… I see a whole new topic input box, where I have to give it a title even.

    The url in my browser does show edit at the end, but nope… no edits, just keeps creating new topics/replies.

    How do I fix this problem?

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  • Tammie Lister


    I’m seeing you’ve got a few issues and I can’t help but wander if this is because your theme isn’t using the latest scripting files (ie; hasn’t had an update) but you’ve updated BuddyPress. I may be wrong but can you confirm your setup in the other thread where I asked for it please?



    To add to my other thread, I am also using an svn of bbPress plugin nightly from yesterday. Basically everything is as new as it can be.

    If this is on your BP 1.7 install, this is probably one of those things that are broken due to the ongoing dev cycle.

    Basically everything is as new as it can be. but not ‘stable’ necessarily don’t treat a trunk development as something that is to be developed on develop to the latest stable release.



    Yeah I’m quickly learning that the buddypress and bbpress trunk is nowhere near as stable as the WordPress trunk. I’ve always run the WordPress svn trunk updated nightly for years now and have never had a problem.



    I think this is a bug that was found when integrating bbPress 2.1 with Buddypress. If that’s the same problem, they are working on a fix for bbPress 2.2



    @anointed – The activity entry reply vs. edit was addressed here:

    I tried to duplicate your problem on BP 1.7-bleeding and I can’t experience what you’re experiencing.

    I edited a forum topic and the activity entry says “x edited the forum topic Y in the group Z”.

    This is what I see when I edit a forum topic:

    This is what I see when I edit a forum reply:

    (Off-topic: should probably rename the h3 tag here to “Edit your forum reply in ‘New Topic'”)

    If you’re using some plugins or you have modified your BP template files, this might also be contributing to your problem.

    Edit: I see that you’re using bbPress trunk and not bundled bbPress. If you’re using bbPress v2.0 integration with groups, then that’s probably what’s causing the issue. Still some refining to do before everything gels with one another!



    yeah I am using bbPress v2.0, I don’t want anything 1x related anywhere near my computer.

    Part of the problem is there are so many different possible combinations that people can do, that it’s hard to tell what is a bug, what is expected, and what to report where….



Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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