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group forum setting can’t modify at frondend mode in buddypress

  • lim sungbeom


    I wrote this article in bbpress.
    But somebody reply like this

    ‘This seems a BuddyPress question, not a bbPress question, right ?
    I think the BuddyPress forum would be a better option to get an answer.’

    So I write again in buddypress forum.


    I want to link a group to a forum which exits,

    So I checked it and set a forum name (first one below ‘Customer Center’) in group forum box and save

    but then check in the checkbox is disappeared

    at last, I found that if I modify the group forum settings in the group page setting in backend,
    the setting sustain, even though I click or not group forum setting in the group setting option in in frontend.

    I tried with default theme twenty-thirteen and KLEO.

    Is it normal or bugs?

    – frontend setting page :

    – Backend setting page :

    wordpress ver 4.42
    buddypress Version 2.5.2
    bbpress Version 2.5.8

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