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Group Forum Tab Showing Wrong Forum

  • eschlesinger2013


    Running WP version 3.8.3 & BP Version 2.0.1

    I have bbPress (latest version) sitewide forums set up. I also have BuddyPress Group-specific forums enabled. However, the Group-specific forums aren’t working. When i click on a group forum, either through the Forum tab on a group’s page or via the link to the group’s forum in my main forum area, it takes me to the sitewide Forum Root instead.

    Under “BuddyPress Integration” in the bbPress settings area, I have selected “Enable Group Forums” and set the Group Forums Parent as “Groups”.

    Don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but the permalink structure looks kind of odd.
    The permalink for a group forum is http://””/groups/”groupname”/forum/
    The permalink for the main site forum is http:””/forums/forum/”forum root”/
    However, “Groups” and the “Forum Root” are siblings.

    I solved this problem awhile ago by deleting bbPress and BuddyPress completely (not just deactivating) and doing a clean install. However, the problem returned, possibly after a BuddyPress upgrade, and I can’t seem to fix it again. Plus, once the site goes live i don’t want to be deleting the plugins. Any fix for this?

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