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Group forums not working correctly

  • limitx3m


    It looks like the issue can be created by:

    1. Converting my vbulletin database to bbpress
    2. Turning on buddypress
    3. Make a new parent forum for the groups. ( Usually called it “The Nation”)
    4. Select group forums to be placed in “The Nation” in the buddypress options
    5. Create 2 groups.
    6. Move/create topic in each group.

    You will see each group will share the same topics. If I make a new group, that group will have all the topics of the previous groups.

    It’s not duplicating the topics, but rather the group forums just contain every thread from other group forums.

    BBpress 2.3-rc1
    Buddypress 2.7 beta 2
    Wordpress 3.5.1
    Multi site

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