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Group Forums, Only Admin can post.

  • gaetanbuddypress


    Hello BuddyPress Community!

    I\’m trying to install BP. Everything is perfect, really great! I have just 1 problem, to integrate forums in groups:

    I\’ve done many times what Trent said in this post:

    I can activate group forums properly, I\’m happy!, BUT, ONLY ADMIN can write in the group forums. If an other user try to write on it, BP say \”There was an error posting that topic.\”

    Do you have any idea why I have this problem? and do you have any clue to solve that?;-)

    I\’ve already tried since a week, installing, re-installing, re-re-…etc, but still the same problem.

    Thanks a lot!!


    (i\’m actually using:

    wp mu: branches_2.7-r1728

    bp: trunk-r1324

    bbpress: bbpress alpha 6)

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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