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Group forums – only groups created by admin have working forums

  • D Cartwright


    Hi there,

    I have tried various versions of BP, bbpress and wpmu and I keep hitting a brick wall when it comes to group forums. Any group created by the admin account has a working group forum – any group member can post to it. Any group created by a non-admin has a non-working forum (on checking bbpress it seems that the forum isn’t created). I know that this kind of thing is a common problem but I don’t seem to be able to nail down the exact cause. I’ve followed about 5 or 6 different tutorials, and also tried mixing and matching.. I’ve tried installing buddypress first, bbpress first, using the automated forum setup in the trunk, manual setting up, etc.

    Does anyone know of something really obvious I’m missing? I assume that other people must have run into a similar issue as it seems to be a user account permission type problem (caused by lack of user switching? I don’t know..)

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