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(Group Forums) Topics not showing up in ”Forums Directory” – LAMP

  • Hi Everybody,

    i’ve set up group forums, then created a group and added a forum topic in this group. Works perfectly so far…

    My problem here is, that i get a message “sorry, there were no forum topics found” when i hit the “forums”-tab to see the “forums directory”

    This only happens when the group is set to non-public

    May be i’am wrong, but i would expect that i see the forum topics of groups where i am a member of. Even if the group is non-public.

    As an admin-user this is the case.

    – I did a basic installation of wordpress/buddypress with no other plugins so far.
    – Versions are latest as of today.
    – fresh subdomain install
    – shipped standard theme
    – lamp

    If anyone can help with this I would really appreciate it.


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    I think this is a bug. I have been facing this issue for a very long time and raised it on this forum and reported to buddypress as well but with no solution as yet. If you try creating a topic under the forum as an non admin user, you might get an error as well.

    Hi Relachola,

    thank you for your reply. So, if i got you right, you did’t get any response on this.
    I can’t believe that noone is using forums in private groups.

    If you think this is a bug then raise a ticket on the BP trac along with precise steps to replicate the issue, and someone will have a look.

    I can create a private group and create topics in it on one of my test installs so I do not think this is a bug.

    Thanks Hugo for your reply,

    its not that i can’t create groups or topics.. its that those topics are not showing up in the “forums directory”.

    May i ask you to try the following steps on your test install? :

    – create a private group
    – go to that new group
    – go to “forum” in that group
    – create a new topic
    – go to “forum directory” in that group or just hit “forums” on the top navigation bar
    – check if you see the newly created topic there

    – be sure that you are not using an administrator account
    – doing the same with a public group -> no problem

    same problem as tdoubleu here.

    Also on “hidden” group, i received the same message “Sorry, there were no forum topics found.”
    And there’s only ‘All Topics’ tab on top, while as Admin, I can see additional ‘My Topics’ tab next to it.
    This occur only if i login as Member.

    Furthermore, when I click on ‘New Topic’,
    the topic will be created, but there was error returned message: “There was an error when creating the topic”

    I think something wrong here.

    i am using wp 3.3.1 + bp 1.5.5 and bbpress 2.0.2



Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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