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Group Fun and Games

  • hughshields


    I am looking at fun ways to extend Buddypress Groups and wanted to start a discussion thread on this topic. I am hoping for brainstorming ideas that might benefit those looking for creative ways to extend Groups. I will offer a few good ideas and then hope that others might weigh in and contribute their own.
    1. I used BP Group Extras to create extra group tabs. Then used WPUF Pro to create a front end post form in the new tab, allowing group members to post on various topics that I define for each group. I then used Ultimate Post Widget to display the group posts in the same sidebar of the group as well as on the Activity page.
    2. I used the Group Tag Cloud plugin to create a tag cloud of different types of groups in the header (Social groups, writing groups, etc).

    If you know of any fun plugins, especially to get members interacting or playing games then please contribute your ideas to this thread!

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  • bowoolley


    I’m all for fun and for personalising group activities! I’m thinking of adding polls and quizzes, but I don’t like adding tabs to the group page – I have actually been trying to avoid sending users (many of whom are somewhat grouchy about technology) to the default group pages (which look sort of 1999, even in my estimation.) So I’m playing with ways to hide the default group page and create a separate “space” for each group (without going MU.) I’ll follow this thread with interest, and post if I find something useful!



    This is a bit “over the top” for the site I’m currently working on, but it looks promising:

    Achievements for WordPress

    Paul Gibbs


    I haven’t any good suggestions for your search for a good groups plugin, but if you do use Achievements (I’m the author), please leave me a review and some feedback on that page — thanks 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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