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Group Header Group Name?

  • Nahum


    Are Group profile page headers supposed to have the group name missing from the group header. I look at legacy and nouveau, in the group-header.php or cover-image-header.php.

    Seems I always have to overload to insert the group name.

    <?php	if ( ! bp_nouveau_groups_front_page_description() ) : ?>
    		<div id="item-header-content">
    <h2 class="user-nicename"><?php echo esc_attr( bp_get_group_name() ); ?></h2>

    In 2019 theme the group name comes only because of the page entry title so it is missing in the group header. Is this the way it is meant to be? What is the reason its not included in the header area…there probably is a reason I just always seem to hit this turn when setting up groups and thought to ask, I didn’t find any topics on this.

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