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Group Invites with No Friends

  • dinhluong


    My install of BuddyPress has Friends disabled, and I can’t to invite people into groups. Can it be switched so that if Friends are disabled site-wide that it is assumed everyone is friends with everyone?

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  • dinhluong


    Can anyone help me with this, please?

    John James Jacoby


    This falls into the category of a custom modification that either you will need to write yourself, or enlist someone to potentially write specifically for you. To the best of my knowledge this should be fairly straight forward, however the current method, including functions and template, aren’t setup for this.

    I have another task for this case: I have friends component disabled and would like to skip the invitation step during group creation whithout show “group-invites” screen to user (because this screen does not make sence in such case and confuse users) .

    Could somebody advice me how that could be achived in proper way?

    I’m runnig the trunk version ( in BP 1.0.3 I have the same issue in my to-do list) where new Group API allows to add new step – but I can not get how to remove the existing one.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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