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Group Moderator Function Broken?

  • sdesign



    I have noticed that when a member is promoted to group moderator, they are not able to delete activity or comments/replies. This contradicts the Codex which says that group moderators can delete posts from the group wall. Is this a bug?

    Group Settings and Roles

    I found a topic from 7 years ago where a function was posted to enable this feature so I have tried this and it does allow group mods to delete activity posts from the group wall.

    Link to the topic:

    Group Moderator broken?

    This is the function….

    function majecdad_group_mod_delete( $can_delete, $activity ) {
       if( $activity->component == 'groups' ) {
    	$group_id = $activity->item_id; 
    	if( bp_current_user_can( 'bp_moderate' ) || groups_is_user_mod( bp_loggedin_user_id(), $group_id ) )
    	    $can_delete = true;
       return $can_delete;
    add_filter('bp_activity_user_can_delete', 'majecdad_group_mod_delete', 21, 2 );

    The problem I have is that while this code allows group activity posts to be deleted, it doesn’t allow comments/replies to that activity post to be deleted.

    So a moderator can only delete entire activity posts (including all comments/replies) and not just delete an individual comment/reply.

    Can anyone give some advice on how to allow group moderators to delete comments/replies?

    Many thanks


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