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Group plans

  • synerdragon


    im completely new to buddypress, im trying to creating membership website, i will be creating different group plans like (1) Free Plan (2) Premium Plans

    i will be needing following features:
    1) user can select group plans on register form.
    2) Content and page restricted if user is not login, and try to access restricted content he will be ask to login. (which i believe it can be done as im doing some search )
    3) Main feature im trying to understand is that if user from “Free Plan” is login then he can only view other member profile from free plan only he cant view member profile from premium plans same as if user in login to premium plan he can only view all member profile from premium plan only, if user is not login and try access member list then he is ask to login to access required member profile

    is this features possible with buddypress…..

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  • synerdragon


    even there any-one who could give the idea for my problems….



    It is possible, but you will need to hire a developer to write custom code to achieve #3.
    afaik, #1 and #2 can be done with free or premium plugins.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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