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Group Post support

  • Venutius


    Can I ask that the wordpress blogs be better integrated into the gorups please? I know there are a few plugins that perform some of these features but these either do not work of only serve as window dressing.

    The kinds of features needed should integrate the blog with the group security, so for example blogs assigned to private groups should only be seen by members of that group, similarly blogs assigned to public groups should have an option to only display to members of that group or to be publicly available.

    Similarly comments on those blogs should also fit with the security under which the the blog was created.

    There should be a blog button within the group in order to see all blogs assigned to that group, also an option for a “My group blogs” button that allows the user to view their own blogs within that group.

    An additional feature would be the ability for the group to structure their blogs into categories and have a button to browse the group blogs based on categories, possibly a group specific category widget.

    Wordpress is such a feature rich blogging platform it seems a shame that these features cannot be easily translated to Buddypress groups.

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  • danbp


    BuddyPress is a plugin dedicated to members, not blogs. On a multisite install, each member can get his separate blog, without limitation. These member blogs are then refrenced on a blog directory. An each membrer profile will show a blog directory with that member’s blog(s).

    Groups is a component to group members, not blogs. If you need a group blog, instead or in addition of individual member blogs, you can use BuddyPress Groupblog. Such blog will be for all group members and each group can have only one blog. But each group member can have his own blog. In this case, the network will have a main blog, group blogs and individual blogs.

    Whatever solution you use, a blog is always part of WordPress and will work exactly like the main site blog where you installed BuddyPress.
    This means that it’s the responsability of each member with a blog to admin his blog, even if the main site admin has priority and can allow/disallow plugins and themes. Usually disallowed, so members can only use what main site admin decided they can use.

    Enhancement can be asked on Trac. Read here about user participation and contribution to BuddyPress.

    Participate and Contribute



    Thanks for the reply, I’ve tried using Groupblog but unfortunately cannot get it to work, none of the support threads for that plugin have been answered in six months or more.

    Buddydev do a plugin which allows you to set up categories for group blogs, I use that but unfortunately it does not solve the security aspect.



    Regarding helping with the development, I’m afraid I’m no developer. What I am good at is writing simple how to guides for people like me needing to install plugins and features. Not sure if you would have use for that skill?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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