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group redendency problem ?

  • hi @r-a-y 2day i created a group in my bp site bt when i browse to see the group there was 5 groups of similar name and content how to fix this my site is
    and at the end of group it says u r viewing 1 of 2 groups ..which means the code is actually admitting k there are just 2 groups bt displaying 4-6 duplicate groups of same name and contents

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  • Have you deleted other groups out of the database directly with an SQL client?

    no i didnt ..@Paul Gibbs

    @hnla @paul Gibbs plz help me to solve my problem i need to fix this before the actual launch with was tomm. i postponed it to 1 more day now …i cant delay any more guyz plz help me ! i had not altered any db schemez plz say how to remove that duplicate groups veiw my site to get more clear picture
    thnx for any one who attempt to help me !

    duplicate groups has arisen before on the forum, not sure why it happens but it feels like a error in looping somewhere?.

    Regardless the first thing you must always do to trouble shoot is fall back to the BP default theme and deactivate any BP plugins and verify if the issue still happens, it’s important to establish if this is a bug with BP or an error in some custom theme or plugin.

    I’ve seen this stuff happen where a database count key has been set, but the groups have been manually deleted from MySQL (or vice-versa). I’m not aware of any issues in core that would cause this. It’s probably a plugin.

    I think in this respect instructing to manually correct the issue by directly manipulating the DB tables, deleting records etc isn’t going to be an easy option but think it’s probably the only option.

    @hnla u mean i have to delete the groups from mysql client inside cpanel with qaurry that u mean ?

    @hnla @Paul gibbs i think the problem is preety much solved i dont know how it has when now i m creating any groups it is showing just once … now thw problem is how to delete that duplocate groups ….like vuniteu is 3 times bt i need it only 1 times so how to do that …? plz help me in detail

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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