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Group Sub nav links

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    We’re using BP Group Frontpage, had everything working until the last BP update. Problem is the Activity sub-nav item now directs to the group frontpage so we can’t get to the Activity page. BP Group Frontpage has not been updated in awhile so I’m guessing that is where the problem lies.
    Help anyone? We were moments from going live when this problem was discovered.

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  • modemlooper


    Developer has been MIA for about a year. When you install plugins make sure the developer is active in the communtiy and plugins are updated regularly. You can also hire someone to fix the plugin.

    If there is contact info in the plugin file, I would try and contact the developer to get an update.

    You can also try this BP trick, tricking BP to use a WP custom post type that you can edit it the wp-admin giveing you a full WYSIWYG editor.



    Thank modemlooper – I totally agree about unsupported plugins and warned the client, but he is crazy about having this group home page and all the extra info sections. Everything was working well until the last buddypress update. The problem seems to be that both the group frontpage and Activity are directing to
    I am thinking that creating a custom activity page may more what we want. building on the trick above – if I create a custom page template, such as group-activity.php – not sure where to put this. We are using a child theme.
    Then – remove the default Activity sub-nav item and add a new custom sub-nav link
    Any reason that won’t work?



    is there a way to change the redirect the default link for Activity to something like ?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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